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Sigillum-Rasa has partnered with Leanpub for our in-progress publication process. Leanpub is a unique publishing platform that provides the best way in the world to write, publish and sell in-progress and completed e-books.

Using Leanpub’s fantastic writing and publishing tools, Sigillum-Rasa can produce books and put it up for sale in the Leanpub bookstore with a mere click. Plus Sigillum-Rasa can also upload books we have created using our production processes and then sell them in the Leanpub bookstore, taking advantage of the in-progress publishing features.

Since the first Leanpub book was published, Leanpub has been growing steadily, evolving in response to feedback from early-adopter authors. So far our authors have earned over $2.9 million in royalties, and readers have downloaded over half a million books.

In-Progress Publishing

Using Leanpub, Sigillum-Rasa can start publishing our books before they are finished. Publishing a book before it’s finished allows us to interact with our early readers and improve the book in some ways. Readers will receive all future updates of the book for free, as new content is added and as the book is otherwise improved. At the same time, readers can provide us with suggestions and even corrections; LeanPub will act as an excellent proofreading platform for authors!

In the world of fiction, the chapter-by-chapter publication of books as they are being written has a long history. For example, many great nineteenth-century books were initially published serially, including novels by Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and Elizabeth Gaskell. Stories written in this manner are usually not finished before the first chapters are published, and writers can even change their projects based on the responses they get from their audience.

In the twenty-first century, in-progress publishing is a great way to publish non-fiction books too. Role-playing game sourcebooks are perhaps the most obvious example of a book category that naturally fits the Lean Publishing model since things move very quickly during game development and early access to cutting-edge ideas and mechanics is so prominent.

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