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I am happy to announce a collaborative effort on Search & Destroy (S&D), a modern action toolkit built by Stone Mountain Press for use with Super-6, the system behind SUPERS Revised tabletop role-playing game system by Hazard Studios.

I will be assisting with the logo designs, publication layout, game mechanics and testplay of this great new RPG sourcebook by G.W. Brown and Stone Mountain Press!

The setting and genre elements presented in S&D are based on our contemporary world, but with one big difference; this world has larger-than-life action heroes and villains. The movers and shakers of this world are incredibly tough, impossibly skilled, and absurdly lucky; such is the legendary stuff of countless action movies and thriller novels. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a super-spy skulking around a billionaire’s secret lair or a hard-nosed detective busting a drug ring, then this world is in need of you!

You can read about this project in detail at the official SMP blog.

If you have an interest or wish to support the project, you can purchase Search & Destroy by visiting the publisher's page at DriveThruRPG.

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